About the T O E

The T O E that can be transcribed is not the true T O E.
The T O E that can be drawn is not the true T O E.
Certainly not in crude cartoons devoid of artistic skill.

Obscure is the T O E.
Innumerable are the misinterpretations.
Multitudinous are the transcription errors.

When the student is ready, the mistakes begin.
Mistake after mistake.
Error upon error.

Through awareness of mistakes, the student begins to see.
Through awareness of errors, the student begins to hear.

Know this.
That you know not.
Hear this.
That you hear not.
See this.
That you see not.

Student of the T O E, the path is lined with horrors.
Horror upon horror.

Student of the T O E, the way cuts through absurdities.
Absurdity of absurdities.

Seek and you shall seek.
Search and you shall search.

The emptiness of the T O E can make one hungry.
For fried chicken.
The fullness of the T O E can drive one to purge.

Grasp for the T O E and you will lose it.
Transcribe the T O E and it will come out all sorts of screwed up and backwards.

To a hammer, everything looks like a nail.
But what about a fingernail?